"Our knowledge, your advantage"
"Our knowledge, your advantage"

Benefits of Infrared Residential Surveys

A infrared survey provides buyers with thorough understanding of the condition of the home and  allows you to get more detailed information about your home or the home you are about to buy.  A infrared survey can reveal many hidden issues in a home that would not be visible to the naked eye.  


"You haven't seen your home until you've seen it in infrared"?


Advantages over a typical home inspection:

  • detects moisture, insulation and electrical issues before they pose a risk to your property
  • cost savings value added service to the traditional home inspection
  • "See what the naked eye can't see"
  • Infrared imaging targets the problems with actual images of exactly where you need to spend your money and resources 
  • identifies where cold air is coming through your walls
  • detects unknown plumbing leaks
  • hidden roof leaks
  • possible rodent or pest infestation
  • air conditioner compressor leaks
  • missing framing members
  • structural defects
  • broken seals in double pain windows
  • damaged or malfunctioning in-floor radiant heating systems


Use your Infrared Home Inspection for:

  • Pre-Listing inspection - sellers and agents
  • Pre purchase 
  • Warranty inspections
  • Renovation inspections:  Pre and Post
  • Construction Phase Inspections
  • Locating missing, damaged and wet insulation
  • Moisture, electrical, mechanical and roof inspections
  • Assessment of your home health - Do you have mold?
  • To improve your homes efficiency, performance and its personal comfort
  • Marijuana Grow-Op detection
  • Pest Control

Missing Insulation - Exterior

Missing Insulation Exterior

Home Health

Is there mold?

Missing Insulation - Interior

Unisulated Attic
Missing Fibre Glass Batting Insulation in Ceiling
Missing Insulation Interior

New Home Warranty Inspections

2-5-10 New Home Warranty 

Moisture & Water Intrusion

Water intrusion is the most significant factor in building premature deterioration through:

  • growth of mold
  • breeding ground for insects
  • reduce insulation effectiveness of bulking materials
  • corrode metals
  • cause chemical breakdown of organic materials
  • damage to equipment
  • safety of occupants

Why do we care about toxic black mold, one of mankind's biggest enemies!  Toxic black mould and fungi problems can contribute to severe health problems and mold illness such as birth defects, miscarriages, headaches, memory loss, destruction of brain tissue, cancer, allergic reactions, loss of hair, skin disease, skin rashes, fungi infections, chronic sinusitis, lung diseases and other respiratory illnesses.  


How does mold growth happen:

  • Requires temperature between 40 degrees F and 100 degrees F.
  • Nutrients (they will thrive on just about anything)
  • Moisture

Pre-Purchase/Seller Inspections

Find the problems before someone else does!

Detect a possible Marijuana Grow-Op

Purchasing a home can be your largest investment, don't make a mistake and buy a former  grow-op:

  • Do you want to buy or move into a house you suspect may have been marijuana grow operation?
  • You want peace of mind your new house is safe? 
  • Former Marijuana grow operations and drug houses are common in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.
  • Many home buyers unknowingly purchase homes that were used as drug houses in the past and still contain toxic mold or other contaminants. 

ProSCAN can help you detect a former marijuana grow-op. Often home inspectors find mold, suspicious electrical work, or repairs to drywall that indicate a former grow op taking place even though there is no declaration of it by the sellers. If you suspect the home you are about to purchase is a former grow op, you should have it inspected and tested to warn you if there are any problems with elevated or even toxic levels of mold.

Pest Control

Rodents/Wasps/Bee Hive/Carpenter Ant/Termite Detection. Look for unusual heat patterns - insect, rodent nests. Carpenter Ants and Termites - unusual irregular cold spots. Inject cool compressed air into carpenter and or termite exit holes.

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