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"Our knowledge, your advantage"

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infrared installation Can I reduce my energy bill?

A ProSCAN infrared inspection will actually show you where you are wasting your hard earned energy dollars.  There are many building envelope anomalies that can generate significant heat and air conditioning loss, which causes your energy dollars to be wasted in a not-so-tight home. An infrared camera performs a comprehensive energy efficiency inspection within your home by locating and pin-pointing those areas where unconditioned air is infiltrating into your living areas. Most air infiltrations are located at wall penetrations (such as windows, doors, vents, etc), and at transition areas of fully insulated walls, ceilings and floors.

Did the insulator do a good job?

We perform a non-intrusive/non-destructive infrared examination of the exterior walls and eaves of your building.  Once a solid difference in temperature has been established between the interior and exterior of the house, insulation defects can be viewed by the camera.  By looking at the difference in apparent temperatures, hot and cold spots can be identified as areas that may have missing or inadequate insulation.  If a potential problem area is pinpointed using the infrared camera, the insulation in that spot should be examined to verify that it is an issue and to gather more details on the exact nature of the insulation problem.  Was insulation moved during a fixture installation and not properly replaced?  Is the thickness of the insulation inadequate for the application?  These are the types of details inspectors can gather after locating an issue with the insulation.

Can you detect mold?

Moisture leads to mold, detect moisture before its too late.

Are there critters in my attic?

Scan your attic to detect unwanted critters.

What is wrong with my electrical system?

Predictive maintenance programs can detect extreme heat in circuit boards.

My radiant heating is not working.

Radiant Heating systems, established in Europe, are becoming more efficient and affordable as its popularity grows in North America.  Infrared is an excellent tool for diagnosing problems associated with radiant heating systems.  Whether your radiant heating systems are located in the floors, ceilings or walls, we have the technology to troubleshoot your system.  We can instantly see which zones/lines are hot and which ones are not.  Pinpointing heating faults for easy rectification (no need to rip up entire system to locate the problem). We look for blocked, leaking and broken lines.  All done by non-contact, non-invasive methods.

Is there a problem with my furnace?

Find out why your furnace isn't working properly?

Why is one room cold?

Infrared scanning can detect temperature variations in rooms.

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